Voice Based Services

Outsourcing -
Not just about 'cutting costs'

Necta extends outsourcing into the revenue generation process, enabling the clients to increase market share more quickly and at a lower cost, than they could by employing in-house sales people.


    • Pilot Marketing
    • Lead Generation / Appointment Setting
    • Market Survey / Research
    • Data Capture / Cleaning / Profiling
    • Telesales / Telemarketing

Necta uses a powerful combination of telephone and skill-set based agents to boost the marketing and sales of a company while still maintaining their core business.

Necta fits into this marketing mix by providing solutions such as data profiling, sales lead generation / appointment setting and market research which are essential parts of sales and marketing.

In the broad 'business development' services sector, Necta is focused on action and allows its clients to outsource part of the direct sales / marketing process. Our focus is on execution and shared success from the results.


Necta provides a variety of inbound services for our clients' customers from receiving calls, emails, post and faxes to website enquires. Inbound services also include taking orders online as well as holding live interactive chat sessions communicating all services and / or campaign information to existing client's customers.

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